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You have changed my view of article marketing!

I have to say a big thank you Dan! In the past I have been happy to know that a few people have read my articles and visited my site, but I was amazed when I submitted my first article to

In the first few hours alone my article had received over 250 views and my target webpage had received over 34 visitors which is a 14% open rate. In addition to that, in the first 24 hours following publication of the article we had received 3 qualified bookings for our services which is an excellent 8.8% conversion rate from visitors to the test page alone.

Geoff Lord (Webmaster)

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Here are a few of the benefits...

  1. Increased Traffic Levels -- Over 50% of our traffic comes from Search Engines (Source Google Analytics)
  2. Social site with Google Friend Connect Comments and automatic Twitter Tweets for published articles.
  3. DMOZ listed article directory
  4. Quality Content -- We moderate and rate every article before it is published on the site.
  5. Fast Approval -- In most cases, articles are approved within 3 days
  6. Revenue Sharing credits system -- Earn advertising credits when your articles are viewed on the site.
  7. Affiliate Program. -- Earn money when your referrals upgrade and adverting credits when your referrals articles are viewed on the site.
  8. Unlimited Aliases -- You only need one account but can set up unlimited aliases if you submit articles in several markets or for several clients.
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Google Analytics Traffic Graphs For June 2009

75% USA Traffic

75% USD Traffic

51.8% Search Engine Traffic

51.8% Search Engine Traffic

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